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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sew fabulous....

It arrived finally!!!   After a week spent in the RVH Hospital for Sick Children with my daughter, we got home on Thursday night, spent Friday night writing out measurements and today was the day for our sewing bee.   We had a brilliant day - in all there were 65 dresses made, of all sizes, for children in the fishing village of Pundaquit in the Phillippines.   With lots of fabric donations, materials donated and bought, about 100,000 calories worth of snacks, approx. 15 sewing machines and a mountain of enthusiasm there was no stopping the ladies of the sewing bee!   

 Amanda and Noreen starting off...

Frances, so excited to be sewing!

 Heather from The Patchwork Quill blog and her gorgeous dress..

 lovely threads donated kindly from Ian Arnold :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Dress a Girl Around the World Sewing Bee 18th May

 On Saturday 18th May we are having a day long sewing bee to make pillowcase dresses for children in the Phillippines.  I got the idea from Ruth in Creative Homemaker, in East Belfast about two months ago - and thought it would be something my crafty friends would like to get involved in!    

We would love you to come along and join us - the day is from 10am to 4pm - we  have approx 13 sewing machines booked in and need people to help with sewing, cutting fabric, threading elastic and more.   You can come for an hour, or the full day - if you would like to join in, we have a facebook group here

IF you can't come, we are accepting donations of fabric and even ready-made pillowcase dresses.