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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sale has started...

So, now the decision has been made to close up shop, I have started putting lots of goodies on sale!  If you drop into Cleo Crafts this week, you will pick up some fab bargains including half-price Christmas stash, wool for £1.50,  stamps from £1.00, cuttlebug folders, Molly Bloom stamps, and more.  

As you may know, once the shop closes, I am going to continue with the business in a mobile capacity, so items which will NOT be going on special offer will include our tapes, pens, stickles, card blanks etc as these will all be in use in the next few phase of the Cleo Crafts lifecycle :)

Joy is running her cardmaking classes on site right up until the end of January, and this weekend is doing a repeat of  the fabulous Christmas Craft workshop - we have some spaces, so if you fancy a creative festive weekend, grab a spot!  Only £23 for the day.....


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