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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Herman the German

In our house this week we have been 'cultivating' Herman the German - Herman is a sourdough cake mix, originating from the Amish community tradition of  giving out a sourdough bread to the needy and sick.    My pilates instructor Lindsay gave me a little tinfoil tray of mix last week with a sheet of instructions - Herman sits in a bowl in the kitchen and you 'feed' him every few days and stir every day - great fun for the kids.   We have just taken the finished results out of the oven and I am quite intrigued to see what he tastes like!!

The mix ready to go in the oven....

Sarah stirring Herman and feeding him his final meal....


Blogger said...

Looks interesting I've never heard of sourdough cake! I've had muesli bread before though I'd imagine it's similar? Good luck!

21 September 2012 at 12:45  

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