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Thursday, 8 July 2010

moving along nicely

hi everyone - well we survived opening day - had a great day and finished it off nicelyl with some pink champagne on Sat night down at my sister in laws.... now I am settling into being a shopkeeper. Lovely meeting lots of new crafters and hearing all about the different things people are into. I am in dire need of a high stool behind the counter especially today as I am on a 11.5 hour shift - yikes! Haven't stood up for this long since I don't know when.... I have my first classes booked for next week and can't wait to get them underway. The difference between being online and being in a premises are quite a lot - people buy stuff because they like it, as opposed to it being the latest new thing - and I have time to do my updating and stock taking because my three bambinos are not distracting me! Saying that, I am looking forward to having my two ladies trained up and getting to mind my own children two afternoons a week.... I think we are all missing each other (thats Sarah, Daithi, Shay and me... not the ladies lol....)


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