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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bloggy Challenge

A wee blog challenge for all those fed up with the miserable weather and just seeking some inspiration.

I have recently started a scrapbook for my hubby's birthday... he has become obsessed in recent weeks with 'geocaching'... when he first mentioned it I sighed and wondered what new nerdy hobby he was trying to get me interested in - he has failed so far where fishing, fly making and role playing board games are concerned - However, I must say I seem to be catching the geocaching bug. Every sunday we trapse around the countryside looking for cache.... so far we have been hunting around a cemetery, a wood and a local towpath. sounds weird, but it is surprisingly good fun!

Anywho, back to scrapping. i wanted to make the pages masculine, but with a feminine touch... so out came my sewing machine. The challenge for any blog followers is to create a masculine page that employs the use of your sewing machine or a needle and thread.

This challenge is just for fun and our favourite will win pride of place on our blog :D
All entries to be sent to by Monday 15th Feb


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