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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Winner of our blog challenge

By Jane Inger - here's her explanation:

I used really old stash for the back ground paper which I brought up to date by covering in black and red paint stamped on from a rubber glove and the end of a reel of solder to give it a grungy look. I also used a netting bag from oranges, the ripped up paper from inside a chocolate box which again I stamped with cream and red paint. The bracket is old stash paper too again painted to grunge up and I have written on the photos showing what’s in my fridge today as a record of everyday living and my journaling explains my thrifty life style when it comes to popping over to Morrison’s at closing time which means there’s enough money left over for the luxuries in life including champagne which is really left over from our wedding anniversary last week that we haven’t had time to drink yet!

We also have an honourable mention this week from Cath aka Coreysmum - here is her entry:

Caths explanation:

It was my sons birthday and as he's mad about cars i arranged for him to visit the Porsche showroom. They also surprised him with a ride in one :)


Blogger Catherine said...

Thank you so much for the honourable mention. It means a lot.
A great winner too xx

29 November 2008 at 14:08  

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