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Monday, 9 June 2008


crystal peacock
Well I was out cycling on Saturday afternoon (did 14miles - yippeee!) and couldn't believe my eyes - part of my cycle path goes alongside the M5 motorway into belfast and on the other side of the cycle path there is a strip of trees and bushes about ten meters wide - the other side of that is the city dump which is used to make reclaimed land and then industrial warehouses - you get the picture - like most city outskirts really - anyway, what did I see strutting alongside the treeline - a PEACOCK!!! Really amazing - I didn't have my phone with me or I could have taken a photo - will carry it from now on.. I rang the RSPB today to tell them and they just said it was probably from a private collection and it would eventually go back to where it gets its food from (?? not around there I'm sure - maybe there are rich pickings at the dump???) Anyway - how cool is that?


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