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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Last night was our last scrapping night before Christmas and I actually managed to do a page of my own (between making coffees and handing out M&S chocolates and mince pies!) Now Tara and I need to whip ourselves into shape and tidy up all the stock.... Ikea opens in N.Ireland for the first time tomorrow and would be ideal for getting shelving etc but theres not a snowballs chance in hell of us getting near it before January!! Apparently they have parking spaces for 2000 cars and are expecting 6000! Hmmm (thats according to two grannies I overheard in the post office queue haha).

Diarmuid and I are about to possibly change our lives forever - we are watching Black Gold which is a film bout the coffee industry... hope it doesn't put me off going to Starbucks ;-(


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